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OrDaisy - Of Elves and Men
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January 2007
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Western Lovers: Cowboys & Biologists (24/33)

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Title: Western Lovers: Cowboys and Biologists <2/33>
Beta the patient and talented charlieisagirl
Pairing: OB/DW
Rating: NC-17 for the series, and for this chapter.
Summary: David is a hard, jaded warrior, Orlando is a biologist tracking Big Cats on the Double L.
Feedback: Feedback is my writers crack, which is not to be confused at all with plumbers crack.
Disclaimer: Not at all true in reality. These men whilst adorable and perfectly happy to slash themselves, their actual relationship is something that they only know. This story is adapted from a series of books that I adored when I was younger written by Elizabeth Lowell.
Word Count: 2189
Previous Story: Can be found here
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Posted to: fellowshippers, monaboyd and ordaisy
Header Art: Courtesy of the incredibly talented loki_girl.
Author’s Notes: Many apologies for it being late. I was staying with a friend and she didn't have net access and I couldn't even find a wireless network I could steal for long enough to post. Here is Friday's instalment. Special thanks to dylan_dufresne.

Author's Notes 2: This chapter to be polite, has issues. I can't find my edited version and I was already late posting. Since I had some requests for it I posted without realising it was the unedited version. Since some of you have already read and commented, I wouldn't like to take it down until i fix it as that will negate your kind words. But, if y'all can bear with me until I'm not quite so muddle-headed and can fix it, I'll leave it posted.


David walked around the corner of Dom and Billy’s house to find his young lover, his brother-in-law and his nieces and nephew watching contractors completing the installation of a hot tub. Helping however he could, Viggo had organized for it to be installed when Craig’s therapy needs had been realized.

Orlando sat on the grass in the mottled shade of a tree, beside a quilted blanket, both babies lying beside him, feet kicking happily in the air, hands grabbing gleefully at Orlando’s fingers as he played with them. David’s breath caught in his throat at the image of his lover, chocolate curls shining in the sunlight, and his eyes crinkled at the corners as he laughed at the babies antics. Orlando's long legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles his boots kicked off and laying on the grass beside him.

Unbidden, an image of Orlando, holding their own tiny child filled David's mind. A tiny little cherub that would be nurtured by their love, just like all of the new generation of Double L children, cradled in his lovers arms. Shaking his head to clear the thoughts, unsure what was more disturbing to him, that the Double L was so firmly entrenched in his mind as home, or that it was so easy to see Orlando and their children in his mind, David turned his attention to the giggling girl stacking building blocks with Dom.

“Unca….Unca.” Daisy-May shrilled happily, climbing clumsily to her tiny feet and toddling unsteadily towards him, waving her arms above her head, nonsensical words spilling from her lips.

Bending down to swing her into his arms, David pressed a smacking kiss to her forehead, before he tickled her.

“Morning, Daisy.” Dom laid back on the fragrant grass and looked up at his brother-in-law with a tired grin.

“You look like shit,” David replied, bending to place the squirming toddler on Dom’s belly, ruffling Dom’s hair before he straightened.

“Sleep wasn’t exactly my priority last night.” Dom raised an eyebrow at David, is hands automatically lifting to wrap around Daisy-May’s waist and hold her upright as she leaned back against his thighs.

“How is he?” David asked almost nonchalantly as he dropped down to sit on the grass beside Orlando, close enough that their hips were touching. David tilted his head far enough to press a gentle kiss to Orlando’s lips, as Orlando turned his face to meet the anticipated affection.

Dom lay on the grass in front of them, his eyes shining as he watched, a smile turning up the corners of his lips.

“What?” Orlando asked. Seeing the expression on Dom’s face he frowned, wondering what Dom was amused by.

“You two. You’re so adorable I think it might make me ill.” Dom responded.

“Shut up, Dom.” Orlando blushed lightly, turning his attention back to the babies in an effort to deflect further examination.

“It’s beautiful.” Dom shrugged innocently.

“Leave it, Dom.” David replied before Orlando could defend them, “You didn’t answer. How’s Pip?”

“Sleeping.” Dom’s smile faded. “He was exhausted enough to not fight me.”

“Did he say anything?” David asked, wrapping one arm around Orlando’s waist and settling closer to him as Orlando lifted Lennox onto his lap.

Dom didn’t answer immediately. He lay back against the grass, his fingers stroking his daughters side absently as she sat on his belly. Shrugging his shoulders, he held Daisy-May against him and rolled onto his side, smiling as she giggled at the movement.

“He thinks he’s a killer. I don’t know how to fix him, Daisy.” Dom exhaled, as he pulled Daisy-May against himself. His fingers absently traced Daisy-May’s sleek black curls.

“I can’t help you there,” David replied. “I’ve never seen him like this before.”

“I don’t know what it takes to kill someone, but I know him, he wouldn’t have done it because he could, it would have been justified and I don’t give a fuck what any of you say. Billy would give his own life to defend his family. He’s a damned good man, why can’t I make him believe that.”

“You just need to give him some time.” Orlando suggested.

David pulled Orlando closer to him, his arm looped around his back, fingertips stroking his denim covered hip. Leaning in, David touched Lennox gently, his hand cupping the baby’s head, before Orlando smiled and passed Lennox to David to hold.

“I’ve got a suggestion for you.” David whispered, his fingertips tickling Lennox’s chest as he spoke. “We’ll look after the munchkins for you, why don’t you go and see if you can’t get some sleep. You obviously didn’t get enough last night.”

“Billy was restless.” Dom shrugged. “I didn’t want to sleep just in case he needed me.”

“He’ll be fine, Dom.” David reasoned. “It was probably more exhaustion than anything else.”

“No. It was more than exhaustion.” Dom disagreed. “There’s something really fucked up going on inside his head.”

“Then we’ll deal with the kids, you go get some rest.”

Kissing the top of Daisy-May’s head, Dom set her on the blanket beside the now sleeping Lana, before he rolled to his feet and stood.

“I’ll just be inside if you need me. Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Go. We’ll be fine. Get some sleep.” David almost laughed at Dom’s indecision. “Seriously. You look like shit, mate, go.”

Bending down, Dom ruffled both David’s and Orlando’s hair before turning and walking inside, yawning loudly.


Walking into their bedroom, Dom pulled his tee-shirt over his head and slipped his track pants down his legs. Sitting on the edge of the bed, his fingers trailed across Billy’s forehead, brushing the locks of bed tousled hair back. Pressing a gentle kiss to Billy’s soft skin, he watched as Billy’s eyes fluttered open, warm and sleepy, green as summer grasses. Even as he drowned in eyes filled with the boundless depths of Billy’s love and devotion, he watched the emotion drain away as the memories of his perceived moral misdemeanors flooded back.

“Don’t.” Dom whispered, his fingers pressing against Billy’s lips as he would have spoken. “Don’t think, Don’t. Not yet. Not today. It’s just you and me, Bills. Please. Hold me? Just us. There is no outside world. There’s just us in this room and this bed.”

“Honey,” Billy whispered, his tongue flicking out to brush wetly over Dom’s fingertips. “I don’t know what to do. I want to stay with you. I love you. I love the kids, but I did unspeakable things. I don’t deserve to live let alone be as happy as you make me.”

“Do I need to explain to you why we deserve you?” Dom leaned down to kiss him slowly, breathing his words against Billy’s parted lips. “Your guilt is what proves you’re not the man you think you are Billy. You’re a good man. You’re my husband, the papa to our children.” As his lips moved against Billy’s with every word he spoke, Dom’s hands roamed over Billy’s bare chest. “But most importantly, you’re my lover, the only man who had ever loved or made love with me and the only one who ever will.”

“I don’t deserve you.” Billy murmured as Dom rolled until his body fitted along the curve of Billy’s back, his long arms looped around Billy’s waist, lips kissing the back of Billy’s neck wetly.

“That’s crap.” Dom whispered, his warm breath sending involuntary shivers down Billy’s spine. His fingertips brushing across Billy’s bare belly and thighs as he spoke. “Do you know how many times I lay in this bed while you were gone and dreamed about touching you?” The back’s of Dom’s fingers brushed against Billy’s growing arousal as Dom’s lips found Billy’s earlobe, his words brushing across his ear with each breath. “How many times I lay in that very spot and touched myself, dreaming it was you.”

“Tell me?” Billy sighed, his hips pushing forward to silently beg for greater contact. Seeking the promise of Dom’s hands gripping his aroused flesh and stroking him, instead of the tips of his blunt fingernails dancing over his burning flesh teasing him.

“Every. Single. Night. Billy.” Dom’s voice whispered. “Every single night, I lay right there and wrapped my fingers around myself.” Dom let his fingers close around Billy’s heated flesh and stroked him slowly.

“Fast, or slow?” Billy groaned, his hips stuttering forward to push himself into Dom’s fist.

“If I was looking just for gratification,” Dom let his hand grip tighter, sliding along the now slick length, his hands mirroring the actions his voice provided. “It would have been fast and tight,” Dom’s hips fit against Billy’s back, his own erection pressed into the crease of Billy’s buttocks. “But that’s not what I wanted.”

“What did you want?” Billy breathed, turning his head to brush his lip across Dom’s wetly.

“I wanted to feel you with me. I wanted your hands on me. I wanted you to be inside me. I wanted to be inside you. I wanted everything with you, for you. I wanted you. I missed you so damn much with every minute of every day that every night I came to bed and waited. I waited until I was just at the edge of sleep, on that soft dreamy edge of consciousness where everything is real yet unreal, and I’d close my hand around myself and touch myself the way you touch me. My fist gripping tightly, stroking from root to tip, twisting a little roughly at the end of the stroke, just how you know I like it.” Dom's breath rasped against Billy's skin as his fingers mimicked his words.

“Oh, yes.” Billy sighed, his hips thrusting forward, pushing into the rhythmic touches.

“You know how much I like that don’t you?” Dom whispered against Billy’s neck, his lips and tongue trailing against Billy’s flushed skin. “The feel of your calloused fingers stroking me, your thumb flicking across the tip, your other hand reaching lower to touch me, to roll the skin in your hand even as you stroke me, stroke me so slowly, you nearly drive me mad.”

“Please, Honey.” Billy whimpered, “Don’t tease.”

“I’m not teasing you.” Dom murmured against Billy’s ear, his tongue flicking out to trace the shell of Billy’s ear, smiling as he felt the tremor that ran down his spine. “But I sure as hell teased myself, every single night you were gone.”

Pressing one knee between Billy’s legs, he lifted Billy’s thigh until it lay across his own. His own throbbing arousal rubbing against Billy’s entrance as he rocked his hips back against Dom, desperate for the completion Dom’s words and hands promised. Dom’s eyes closed as he struggled to maintain the slow easy rhythm across Billy’s hardness, his breath panting across Billy’s perspiration damp skin.

His head thrown back, one hand reaching back to hold Dom’s hip as he thrust desperately against him, Billy moaned brokenly. “Dom, please, close.”

Dom's fingertips brushed teasingly across Billy’s scrotum, before Dom tightened his grip on his slick arousal. Fingers stroking faster, gripping tighter, the twisting punctuation at the end of each stroke relentlessly tight, his thumb flicking across Billy’s leaking tip before starting the whole cycle over again.

Dom couldn’t hold back his own growl of frustration as Billy clenched his buttocks, squeezing Dom’s hardness, thrusting brokenly against him as Billy arched back desperately seeking the release that teased the edges of his consciousness.

Lifting his head, Billy twisted to press his lips wetly to Dom’s, his tongue sliding into Dom’s mouth, teasing and tasting as his hips thrust erratically back against Dom and forward into the tight, relentless grip of Dom’s fingers.

“Please, Honey,” Billy moaned against Dom’s lips. “Please.”

Tightening the insistent grip of his fingers, Dom stroked faster and faster, his hips undulating against Billy’s as his arousal rubbed between the taut globes of Billy’s buttocks.

Dom’s lips brushed against Billy’s neck. “Let go for me Billy. You need this. I need this.” He whispered.

His words had barely registered to Billy when his hand closed over Dom’s on his arousal and his release spurted across their fingers and onto the sheets. His body rocking against Dom’s with the force of his orgasm, Billy ground back onto Dom, wanting, needing to give Dom as much, more than he had taken from him. Yet even as he felt the wet pulses of Dom’s fluids between his buttocks, Billy’s eyes were already closing wearily, his arms pressing Dom’s tighter around him, safe and secure, if only while he slept.

As his breathing returned to normal, Dom lay against Billy, his head resting in the curve of his lover's shoulder, his breath warm on the lightly freckled skin under him and just absorbed Billy’s presence. His hand pressed flat against Billy’s chest, lying over Billy’s heart, content to feel it beating strongly against his palm, Dom reveled in the closeness he had missed so much. Gently pulling away Dom pulled the corner of the sheet towards them and cleaned their bodies as best as he could before he pulled the blanket from the foot of the bed over them and relaxed against Billy and followed him into a deep dreamless sleep.

Chapter 25|

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WOW you shore do know how to write a real hot love scene!!!! **fans self**
Yay for David actualy seeing himself with Orli in the long term!

Sassy how are you though? **hugs gently**

good goddess woman that was hot, in a gentle tender and desparate kind of way. once again i love how you reference back to the previous 'book' with dom talking about touching himself thinking of billy.

i love what dom said about the guilt and the billy. dom and i are on the same page with that. lol.

the david thoughts were very sweet, but somehow i fear that thinking of the long term has the potential to freak him out more than just being in denial. eep.

also? i just noticed that there are only 9 chapters left. *pouts*

So glad to see this chapter! I was in withdrawal all yesterday - *G*.

Daisy seems to be muuuuuuch more comfortable touching Orlando in front of others, surprisingly. And so now we know that Craig IS coming back... but I still wonder where he is, and who's with him. And, yes, I worry that the other soldier who died was the one he'd been looking for all along - somebody who really loved him. *sigh*

I liked this slow moving into loving; hard to imagine Billy letting go enough for anything else.

Really enjoying this!

(have you been sick recently? I see your last few moods haven't been the best)

Awww!!! I loved the little kiss between David and Orli. They're lucky, if I had been in Dom's place I would have teased them relentlessly. Regardless of what David says, he and Orli have a relationship, you just don't do that with a fuckbuddy.