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OrDaisy - Of Elves and Men
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January 2007
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Western Lovers: Cowboys & Biologists (25/34)

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Title: Western Lovers: Cowboys and Biologists <25/34>
Beta regularly by the patient and talented charlieisagirl but this chapter graciously made readable by morebliss
Pairing: OB/DW
Rating: NC-17 for the series, and for this chapter.
Summary: David is a hard, jaded warrior, Orlando is a biologist tracking Big Cats on the Double L.
Feedback: Feedback is my writers crack, which is not to be confused at all with plumbers crack.
Disclaimer: Not at all true in reality. These men whilst adorable and perfectly happy to slash themselves, their actual relationship is something that they only know. This story is adapted from a series of books that I adored when I was younger written by Elizabeth Lowell.
Word Count: 2189
Previous Story: Can be found here
Previous Ordaisy chapter: As suggested by mystery_ink can be found here
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Posted to: fellowshippers, monaboyd and ordaisy
Header Art: Courtesy of the incredibly talented loki_girl.
Author’s Notes: Special thanks to dylan_dufresne. I’m back, a little later than I intended but thanks to morebliss who graciously pinch hit with the betaing for me you can have Chapter 25 right now.


Dropping the tailgate on the pickup, Orlando waited only long enough for Baby to jump down before he pushed it closed. Even as his hands worked with the mechanisms on the pick up, his eyes followed his lover. David stood at the long water trough outside the barn, tightening the cinch on the saddle lying across his horse’s back. David had resolutely refused even the most innocent of touches, flinching away from Orlando’s fingers when they touched over the meal table. It was becoming almost impossible not to react when David pulled away from him as if burnt. Every time it happened, hot sharp tears stung his dark eyes and he quickly averted his face before anyone could see how much David’s rejection hurt. But only in the shadows of night, when his own darkness was too much for him to bear, did he turn to Orlando and the warmth and comfort of his embrace.

It was almost laughable. Orlando had grown up in the wilds of the Alaskan wilderness with only his family for companionship, but since he had found the Double L these people had become his family. Where before his involvement with David the lonely days he spent at the cabin had been satisfying, now he found comfort and companionship everywhere he turned.

Turning his back on the scene before him, Orlando pulled his laptop case from the front seat of the truck and walked up the stairs towards Dom’s house.

“We’re a sorry pair aren’t we?” Dom’s gentle voice stated as he stepped through the door to greet Orlando, Daisy May balanced on his hip as she clamored to greet her friend Baby.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about.” Orlando murmured, unconsciously turning his head to watch David, talking to Billy as they lithely mounted their horses.

“You think I didn’t notice the touchy feely yesterday?” Dom raised an eyebrow at Orlando as he spoke, “Where did that come from?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Orlando replied.

“Yesterday. I’ve never seen him like that with anyone other than the kids.” Dom probed.

“Like what?” Orlando turned to face Dom, watching him closely.

“Affectionate. Touchy. Unwilling to take his eyes off you,” Dom shrugged.

“I don’t know.” Orlando answered, distracted by the image of his lover as he rode away behind his brother. “For two whole nights now we’ve slept in the same bed. In the same embrace even,” Orlando sighed, “That just doesn’t happen.”

“Is he talking to you yet?” Dom asked quietly, watching Orlando closely. Reaching out to stroke Orlando’s shoulder with one hand, he tried to offer whatever comfort he could .

Orlando shook his head in reply.

“Billy either. So I’m guessing if you’re not talking, you’re not really touching either right?” Dom continued, his own attention distracted as he watched Billy reigning in his horse. Almost as if sensing Dom’s eyes on him, Billy turned, his gaze meeting Dom’s, his lips turning up into a slight smile before turning and riding off beside David.

Orlando turned to face Dom. “You too?”

“I don’t know how to reach him. He’s leaving tomorrow to bring Craig home, he won’t talk about anything with me. Is David going with him?”

“Not that he’s told me, but he doesn’t tell me anything.” Orlando shrugged. Pushing his laptop into Dom’s hand, Orlando lifted the squirming Daisy-May from her father’s arms.

“Any ideas how to reach them? Either of them?” Dom whispered as he sat on the top step, leaning the black case against the banister and watching indulgently as Orlando patiently showed Daisy-May how to play with Baby.

“I’ve tried everything I know. I have no idea, sometimes he’s his normal self, and then he remembers and seals back up again. Do you know what they did?” Orlando looked up at Dom, his long arm wrapped around Daisy-May’s waist as she rubbed her face against Baby’s neck.

“No more than we overheard, really. I don’t think we’ll ever know, they can be a close-mouthed pair of bastards when they want to be.” Dom leaned over to press a kiss against the giggling Daisy-May’s forehead.

“And that leaves us where?” Orlando sat back, comfortable with Daisy-May’s proximity to Baby, watching Dom’s face.

“Here, when they need us.” Dom shrugged and scooped Daisy-May up, walking inside.


At the top of a low ridge, Billy reined in his horse and tugged gently on the reins turned his horse back to face David. Watching as David’s horse picked its way up the incline; Billy lifted his hat off his head and wiped his brow, before pushing it back on his head and throwing his canteen to his brother.

“I’ve got a favor to ask.” Billy stated as David drank from it and threw the canteen back, then watched as his brother leaned forward and rubbed his horse’s neck affectionately.

“Babysitting, or something more challenging?” David asked quirking one ginger eyebrow at him.

“I’m going to pick Craig up tomorrow.” Billy explained. “I was thinking, you’re on the ground floor of the bunkhouse.”

“Your old rooms are still empty right?” David queried, pausing only until Billy nodded in response. “As soon as we get back tonight, I’ll move in to your rooms and make sure that everything is set up for him.”

“Are you sure?” Billy probed, pulling the reins as his horse spun around, and he turned in his saddle to look at David.

“No sweat. Your rooms are bigger anyway.” David shrugged, and then urged his horse forward and past Billy. “It’ll be fine.”

“You haven’t seen him Daisy, he’s not our Craig anymore, he’s so filled with pain and anger. He’s being eaten by his bitterness, I don’t know how it’ll ever be fine again. I don’t even know if it will be average. I always know how it will work out; I have no clue what to do or how to fix this.”

“You don’t always have to fix everything, Pip.” David replied.

“It’s what I do.” Billy shrugged, letting his horse fall into step behind David’s.

“Maybe you should just go with the flow for once. Stop being such a damned control freak.” David grinned as he responded.

“What’s that pot and kettle analogy I see there?” Billy couldn’t help but smile.

David turned in his saddle and looked intently at his brother. “Have you talked to Dom yet?”

“Of course I have.” Billy answered quickly, avoiding his brother’s gaze.

“Sure you have.” David’s horse stopped and he waited until Billy was passing him before reaching out and clasping Billy’s hand. “That would be why he’s still walking on eggshells around you.”

“That’s crap and you know it.” Billy growled and pulled away, walking his horse ahead of David’s again. “You’re hardly one to talk, have you told your biologist?”

“Stop fucking calling him that, he’s not mine and he has a name all of his own.” David snapped quickly, “And as a matter of fact, I have.”

“And?” Billy looked up into David’s face, searching for the answers he wanted.

“We’re okay.” David breathed softly, almost terrified that he was actually believing his words.

“We’re not….”

“Because you won’t fucking talk to him.” David cursed at Billy. “Dammit you didn’t have any issues with being all Dr Phil with Dom before you left, why not now.”

“You know what I did.” Billy stated flatly. “I don’t want him to look at me….”

“Differently?” David asked softly. “He won’t.”

“You can’t know that Daisy.” Billy replied. “He’ll be disgusted with me.”

“Yes I do.” David nodded. “He’ll understand.”

“And if he doesn’t I’ve lost everything. Absolutely everything. I can’t risk losing him or the kids.”

“So you’ll just shut him out so he leaves anyway.” David stated shortly.

“Well what the fuck do you want me to do?” Billy swung out of the saddle and moved forward, bending and running his hand down his horse’s front leg, lifting it against his knee and brushing his fingers across the hoof.

“I want you to have a little faith in the man that loves you and tell him what happened. You know as well as I do that he loves you, you need someone to talk to Pip, please tell him.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” Billy stated letting the horses hoof drop to the ground and swinging back into the saddle.

“Anything you say, ostrich.” David muttered under his breath and urged his horse along the trail.


Leaning against the bed with his back to the door, the laptop computer rested comfortably on his updrawn knees, a pair of black rimmed glasses resting on his nose, Orlando typed the beginning of his report about the Double L cats.

David paused at the open doorway, watching his lover silently. Orlando paused briefly in his typing, the cessation of his fingers flying across the compact keyboard as he lifted long fingers to ruffle his tousled curls before returning to their journey across the keyboard.

“Did you get everything done?” Orlando asked quietly.

“I’m sorry?” David questioned, startled by Orlando’s words.

“You’re not the only one with perception, David.” Orlando responded. “I knew you were there the moment you stepped onto the landing.”

“I didn’t mean to disturb you, I can go down to the main house for a while.” David offered.

“It’s your room, David,” Orlando explained as he closed the lid of his computer, “I’ll go so you can have some privacy.”

David’s brows drew together in a tight frown. “I don’t need privacy.”

Orlando surged lithely to his feet, pushing the laptop into its bag and zipped it closed. “It’s okay, I should probably go and see if Dom needs a hand with the kids anyway.

David walked across the room and closed his hands around Orlando’s upper arms.

“What’s wrong? What have I done?” David shook Orlando gently, trying to make him look up into his eyes.

“Nothing. You’ve done nothing David.” Orlando sighed. “Forget it. It’s me, not you.”

“I’m not buying that for an instant.” David replied. “I’m the fucked up one. You’re the most open, loving, together man I have ever met.”

Orlando stood looking down at his feet for a long tension filled minute. “David,” he began without looking up. “I wanted you to love me. I wanted us to be happy, but I can’t do it anymore.”

“Can’t do what?” David pushed a hand under Orlando’s chin and forced him to look up into his face.

Long fingers of fear clenched around David’s heart, his finger trembling as he waited for Orlando’s response.

“This,” the tears that had been gathering on Orlando’s lashes released their tenuous hold and trickled down his pale cheeks. “I can’t change you. And I don’t want you to be something you’re not just to make me happy.”

“What? When? Fairy tale boy, what the fuck are you talking about?” David shook his head, his thumb collecting the tears as they fell.

“Yesterday, I almost believed we were a normal couple.” Orlando whispered, his eyes searching David’s face, “But then I remember that until the other night, you wouldn’t sleep in the same room let alone with my arms wrapped around you. I don’t know why that has changed, but I don’t want to force you into something that you don’t want to be.”

“You really think you could force me into anything?” David asked.

“You’ve had bad times lately, I’ve been pressuring you. I didn’t mean to.” Orlando took a deep breath. “I promised myself I wouldn’t use my feelings against you….” Orlando pulled out of David’s embrace and wrapping his arms around himself he stared sightlessly out the window.

David watched Orlando, saw his back trembling as he silently released his emotional tears, and wanted nothing more than to go to him and wrap him in loving arms. Even as the thought solidified in David’s mind he realized that that very act was part of Orlando’s quandary.

“Fairy tale boy,” David spoke softly as he pushed his hands into his jeans pockets and struggled with his emotions. “I’m going to have a shower, I’ll respect whatever decision you make, but I wouldn’t say no if you were to come too. If you’re gone when I’m finished, I’ll understand as well.”

Orlando listened to David walk across the room. Sinking down to sit on the edge of the bed, Orlando didn’t need to look to know that David had undressed and dropped his clothes on the white tile floor. He didn’t need to turn his head to hear the jets of steaming water spraying against the shower screen. He certainly didn’t need to see David’s lithe body as rivulets of water trickled down his tightly muscles back.

Flopping backwards on the bed, his arms flung above his head, Orlando lay there listening to David showering, struggling to convince himself that he could leave, right now, before he could turn his head the few inches that would reveal the steamy interior of the shower cubicle and David’s golden skin.

Before he could stop himself, Orlando tilted his head and watched. Damp steam billowed from the shower cubicle and filled the bathroom, softening the edges of the glass and chrome fixtures. Fog shimmering on the glass revealed tantalizing snatches of naked David as he stood under the water. His broad shoulders, made golden by the smattering of freckles and the soft bathroom lighting, tapered down to a slim waist and taut buttocks. The image made hazy by the steamy fog. Orlando’s fingers ached to follow the path of the rivulets of water that trailed down David’s spine.

Standing, Orlando pulled his tee-shirt over his head and walked slowly towards the bathroom. Leaning on the doorjamb, he watched David lathering shower gel across his shoulders, the frothy bubbles cascading down his spine.

As Orlando watched, without turning David pushed the shower door open. Stepping further under the spray, David continued his ablutions, his arms lifting to shampoo his hair.

His lips curling into a loose grin, Orlando unbuttoned his jeans as he walked towards the shower. The soft denim fell down his legs and was kicked from his feet without missing a step. Walking naked into the cubicle, Orlando let his fingers trail down the length of David’s spine, fingertips lingering on the groove at the base of his spine, brushing across the taut curve of his buttocks.

Trailing his fingertips up David’s sides and over his shoulders, Orlando pushed David’s hand away from the soapy bubbles amidst his tousled hair. Orlando’s long fingers massaged David’s scalp as he worked the froth through David’s short ginger hair.

“Tilt your head back.” He whispered against David’s ear as he pressed his aroused body along David’s back.

Sighing wearily, David let his head fall back against Orlando’s shoulder, his eyes closing as he turned his head towards Orlando’s.

“I didn’t know if you’d come,” David murmured, his lips brushing against his lover’s cheek.

“You wanted me,” Orlando replied, turning his head enough that his lips brushed across David’s as he spoke.

“Will always want you,” David answered, breathing the words into Orlando’s mouth. His tongue darted out from between his lips to trail across Orlando’s slowly.

Long fingers lifted to cup the back of David’s head and push him closer to Orlando’s mouth. Orlando’s lips opened hungrily, admitting David’s tongue, tasting him hungrily.

Swaying forward, his mouth open over David’s, his teeth lightly scraping across David’s questing tongue, Orlando leaned just enough for the steamy water to cascade over their heads. Rivulets of water and bubbles trailed over their entwined bodies, as they stood under the deluge, eyes closed and mouths devouring each other.

Breaking breathlessly away from Orlando’s ravenous kiss, David’s reached back with one hand to close his hand tightly over one slender hip. “Touch me, Orlando,” he whimpered, “Please.”

Orlando trailed his tongue across David’s stubbly chin, his fingers pushing tenderly trough David’s rinsed hair. “Come to bed with me, David.”

“Here.” David moaned as Orlando’s tongue swirled slickly across the shell of his ear.

Orlando smiled into the skin of David’s neck. Aligning his body fully against David’s back, Orlando bent his knees slightly and tilted his hips, pressing his insistent arousal against the crevice between David’s buttocks. The slick pressure drew a gasp from Orlando’s lips, his sharp teeth finding the skin of David’s throat.

Wrapping his arms around his lover, his fingertips plucking gently at the mat of soft hair that covered David’s torso, Orlando’s hips undulated against David’s back. Sliding his fingers across David’s chest, he pinched the small male nipples under his hands, before his fingers danced lower, lingering playfully at David’s navel, before moving lower.

As his wet fingers closed around David’s impressive arousal, David’s knees buckled and Orlando held him upright against his body. “Good?” Orlando smiled as his teeth nipped David’s shoulder.

“fucking amazing.” David gasped, his hips canting forward to lengthen Orlando’s touch.

Orlando’s other hand slid lower, cupping the taut sac beneath David’s arousal, long fingers fisted tightly, stroking slickly as the lukewarm water pounded against their skin. David’s arms slipped behind him, fingers tightly clasping Orlando’s hips, pulling him against his back squeezing Orlando’s arousal between his buttocks.

“ ‘S good David,” Orlando gasped, his hips pushing forward eager to prolong the friction.
“Missed this,” David whispered, one hand lifting to push his fingers through Orlando’s wet curls.

His rhythm unchanged, Orlando’s fingers slid along David’s length as he pushed himself between the tight friction of David’s buttocks and lifted his lips to David’s ear. His tongue flicked out to swirl around David’s ear before he spoke.

“I want you inside me, David.” Orlando whispered.

Releasing his hold on Orlando’s hips, David tried to pull away from Orlando. “Come to bed?” he rasped quietly, his voice husky. One arm tightly wound around David’s waist, the other maintaining a steady rhythm of slick strokes on David’s arousal, Orlando caught David’s earlobe in his teeth and tugged it.

“Not so fast big boy,” Orlando whispered. “What’s wrong with here?”

“In bed, Fairytale Boy,” David gasped as Orlando’s thumb brushed repeatedly across the leaking tip of his arousal. “Better for you.”

“Anytime you touch me is good for me, warrior-mine,” Orlando moaned against David’s ear.

Releasing his hold on David, Orlando stepped in front of him. Taking David’s hands in his, Orlando lifted them to his shoulders and melted against David’s body. Their hips rocked in unison, rubbing their slick arousals together, eliciting a strangled moan from both of them.

“Flatterer,” David sighed against Orlando’s lips.

“What can I say?” Orlando grinned as he nibbled at David’s bottom lip. “You’re the best I’ve ever had.”

“I’m all you’ve ever had,” David whimpered, his thumbs tracing the soft skin behind Orlando’s ears as he tenderly held his neck. “Where’s your frame of reference?”

“Don’t’ need one.” Orlando replied, his tongue dancing wantonly with David’s “You’re all I want.”

“You’re easily pleased,” David murmured as he sealed his mouth over Orlando’s and kissed him hungrily.

“Not so much,” Orlando’s hands lifted to frame David’s face as he pulled back from the kiss to search David’s eyes. “I knew I’d found my life-mate that day in Helm’s Deep.” Orlando explained.

“You’re nuts, you know that?” David answered him, one hand tangling in Orlando’s wet hair, pulling him back into their kiss.

Long minutes passed, their hands framing faces tenderly, as their hips rocked hungrily. Moans and whimpers of need were swallowed under the curtain of cascading water, before Orlando pulled back. Eyes black with his passion, heart pumping a staccato beat, Orlando struggled to breath even as his husky words formed.

“I want you, David,” Orlando stated brokenly, each word punctuated by a hungry kiss.

“Come to bed,” David urged, his hands finding one of Orlando’s and tugging him off balance towards the door.

“No.” Orlando grabbed a tube of shower gel that hung from the faucet and pushed it into David’s hand, before he turned and pressed his hands against the white tile wall.

“I want you. Here. Now.” Orlando spoke, turning his head to look at David over his shoulder. Parting his feet, Orlando bent at the waist, his arms supporting him and his eyes were heavy with the lust that engulfed his body. “Please?”

David’s thumb flicked the shower gel open, and a thick glob of the viscous liquid filled his palm, coating his fingers as the tube fell to the floor, immediately forgotten. Eyes never leaving Orlando’s David’s fingers rubbed slickly between Orlando’s buttocks, one fingertip brushing against Orlando’s puckered opening.

“Do it David. Please.” Orlando begged his hips pushing back against the insistent pressure.

“Anything for you,” David breathed brokenly. “Anything.”

His index finger pushed gently past the tight ring of muscle. David waited for the briefest of moments before beginning a slow teasing rhythm that was guaranteed to drive his lover insane with desire.

“More.” Orlando pleaded, widening his stance and pushing back onto the intrusion.

“Like this?” David moaned, pressing a second finger inside Orlando’s body. David leaned over him and strung a trail of nipping kisses from Orlando’s shoulder to his neck.

Orlando whimpered and moaned desperate for more sensation, his body arching into every thrust of David’s fingers. When a third finger breached his entrance and David’s fingertips brushed across the spongy bundle of nerves inside him, Orlando threw back his head and wailed brokenly.

“Please David, Please. Fuck. Me.”

“you ready for me?” David struggled to speak aloud.

“Been ready for you since I was born.” Orlando growled.

Bending to lift the shower gel, David slicked his length quickly, biting his lip to stop the moan that bubbled to his lips at the pressure and slick friction against his arousal.

Pressing himself against Orlando’s prepared entrance, David slid slowly inside. Bending forward, David roughly grabbed Orlando’s hair and pulled them together for a hungry kiss, his hips pulling back slowly and pistoning back against Orlando’s buttocks.

“Sweet buggering fuck,” Orlando sighed, his hands flat on the wall, pushing him back into David’s thrusting. “David?” his voice trailed off brokenly as his back flexed and relaxed, his muscles rippling like a cats.

David’s fingertips traced feather light along the scar that extended down Orlando’s spine, his body stilling against his lovers, causing his muscles to tremble with desperation.

“Am I hurting you?” David murmured tenderly, his hips slowly pulling back as he reluctantly withdrew from his lover’s body.

“No!!” Orlando wailed, “Don’t leave me,” he pleaded. “Don’t ever leave me.” He whispered, barely audibly but David heard his words as clearly as if they had been screamed.

His voice choked by the lump of emotion in his throat, David responded the only way his body would allow. Hands caressing Orlando’s slender back lovingly, David’s body slid deep inside Orlando’s tight embrace again.

Pressing his chest to the wet tile wall, Orlando reached back, his fingers gripping tightly on David’s hip bones.

“So Good,” Orlando whispered against the tiles, his hands pulling David harder and faster against him. Each breath released a litany of requests for more. Harder. Deeper. Faster. Just more.

Hearing Orlando’s voice so broken with the lust they shared was David’s undoing. As Orlando’s body began to tighten around him, his hips canted back into David’s in short staccato bursts, and his head was thrown back wantonly, nonsensical words tumbled from his lips. David reached underneath Orlando to close his fingers around Orlando’s neglected arousal.

At the tight grip of David’s calloused fingers, Orlando’s voice was torn from his lips in a mewling wail of pleasure. As his climax pulsed over David’s rapidly stroking fingers and onto the slick, tile wall. His name was the only coherent word that David could understand as rambling lustful promises tumbled from Orlando’s lips.

The intense grip of Orlando’s climaxing body around his arousal and the knowledge of Orlando’s complete surrender to the pleasure that connected them was all that David needed. Two. Three. Four deep thrusts and David hurtled headlong into the abyss of completion towards where Orlando waited for him.

Struggling to hold them both upright, David gave in to the vertigo that engulfed him, and, slipping free of the tight sheath of Orlando’s body he sank to his knees pulling Orlando with him.

Wrapping his arms around Orlando’s waist, David pressed soft kisses across his nape as he fought to regain control of his breathing.

Lifting one hand, Orlando tenderly caressed David’s beard, fingers smoothing the sleek, wet pelt gently.

“Are you okay?” David asked huskily when he could speak again.

“Outstanding,” Orlando smiled, turning his head to press a short kiss to David’s lips. “Though the waters getting a bit chilly.”

One hand pressed against the wall, the other looped around Orlando’s waist, David pulled himself to his feet, lifting Orlando with him.

Reaching out to flick both spigots to off, David turned Orlando in his arms and wrapped him tightly in his arms.

“I won’t say it’s going to be easy, but I know the pleasure it gives you. I don’t want you to ever wake up alone again.” David whispered against Orlando’s hair.

Orlando frowned for a fraction of an instant, but sated and vulnerable after the intensity of their lovemaking, Orlando pressed his lips to David’s and kissed him tenderly.

“Then take me to bed, warrior.” Orlando whispered.

Chapter 26


*wonders if she might get first comment*

I got all caught up today and this story is just as great as the first one I think. And I wanted to meet Craig and now it seems we're going to.. so pleased!

Orlando is so much of an adult. I love seeing a young character act like a grown up. And David's thawing.. yay *big grin*

Really enjoying this - Thanks!

Glad you're still enjoying.

You may just get your wish to meet Craig.

Sometimes I think that Orlando is the most mature one there.

Wow thanks! So David is finaly realizing that he's falling in love, about time.
Hope your feeling better too. **hugs**

It took a while but David's finally starting to get a clue.

Glad you're enjoying still.

I'm doing a lot better,sweetie, thanks for all your kind thoughts.

Orli really has grown since the first time we saw him. He's showing David he knows what he wants, and he's not afraid to ask for it.

He has grown a lot, but sometimes I think he's the only one there that has his head screwed on the right way.

Yay for this new stage in Orlando's and Dave's relationship, and Billy really needs to listen to David, doesn't he? great installment.

They do seem to be forging ahead don't they?

I think that the hardest thing in the world for them is to make any one of the brothers to listen.

Hurray! It's back!

I love the different relationships between all of them; Orli and David, Dave and Billy, Orli and Dom...

I'm just hoping that Billy and Dom's relationship starts to improve. Because dammit, I like happy endings. I'm wondering what effect Craig's arrival will have on all of them, though.

Glad to be back too.

They all have such complex relationships don't they. They'e all different but really they're all the same deep down.

All endings are happy in some way aren't they?

It's back!!!! Yay!

It is and it's happy to be back.

Thanks for hanging in there for it.