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OrDaisy - Of Elves and Men
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January 2007
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Western Lovers: Cowboys & Biologists (26/34)

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Title: Western Lovers: Cowboys and Biologists <26/34>
Beta regularly by the patient and talented charlieisagirl but this chapter graciously made readable by morebliss
Pairing: OB/DW
Rating: NC-17 for the series, and for this chapter.
Summary: David is a hard, jaded warrior, Orlando is a biologist tracking Big Cats on the Double L.
Feedback: Feedback is my writers crack, which is not to be confused at all with plumbers crack.
Disclaimer: Not at all true in reality. These men whilst adorable and perfectly happy to slash themselves, their actual relationship is something that they only know. This story is adapted from a series of books that I adored when I was younger written by Elizabeth Lowell.
Word Count: 2189
Previous Story: Can be found here
Previous Ordaisy chapter: As suggested by mystery_ink can be found here
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Posted to: fellowshippers, monaboyd and ordaisy
Header Art: Courtesy of the incredibly talented loki_girl.
Author’s Notes: Special thanks to dylan_dufresne. I’m back, a little later than I intended but thanks to morebliss who graciously pinch hit with the betaing for me you can have Chapter 25 right now.


Billy sat in his armchair in the corner of the living room, his guitar resting across his knee, fingers plucking idly at the strings and toying with chords and notes that just seemed to fall together into a melodic rhythm for him. Dom sat cross legged on the plush rug in the centre of the room, baby Lana cradled in his arms, her eyes drooping sleepily. Lennox laid on his blanket in front of Dom, his hands batting gently at the toys suspended above him, Dom's free hand gently stroking his belly. Daisy-May, her tiny hands wrapped around her blankie, curled on the carpet in front of Billy, her onyx eyes watching him sleepily as she snuggled into the blanket.

Watching his family from beneath his lashes, a lump formed in Billy's throat, seeing the gentle affection Dom lavished on their babies, each touch, every softly murmured word filled with his love for their children. Even the thought of staying away from the Double L had been impossible for Billy. As he watched Dom interacting with their youngest, Billy couldn't help but notice Daisy-May crawling towards him, her well-loved, green blankie trailing after her.

Setting his guitar on it's stand beside his chair, Billy leaned down and swung the sleepy toddler into his arms. Pushing tousled ebony curls away from her forehead, Billy kissed her tenderly and let her weary head drop against his shoulder, her tiny hand lifting to stroke at the stubble that covered his chin.

"Love PapaBilly," she whispered.

"I love you too, Sugarplum." Tears welled in Billy's eyes as he spoke to his daughter, free hand patting her diaper clad bottom gently while her eyes drifted closed. "PapaBilly will always love you."

So completely focused on Daisy-May, Billy was visibly startled when Dom's hand came to rest on the top of his head.

"Bills, can you watch Lennox for me while I put Lana to bed?" he murmured against Billy's temple, leaning in to press a soft kiss there.

Billy glanced across the room at their sleeping son and nodded slowly. "When the kids are in bed, Honey, we need to talk."

Dom stood straighter, his shoulders suddenly taut and tension stiffening his spine, his hold on Lana tightening. "That sounds ominous, Bills," he managed to force out casually, a tight fist of fear clenching around his heart as he heard Billy's request and risked a glance at Billy's face.

"It's not so bad, Honey," Billy murmured, his lips pressed against Daisy-May's curls as he spoke. "Honestly," he reassured Dom, pointedly watching Daisy-May so he couldn't see the pain and confusion that he could hear in Dom's voice, unable to control the fine tremor in his fingers as he ran his fingers through his daughter's hair.

"Then hold that thought," Dom whispered, his eyes glistening, his fingertips nervously smoothing Lana's strawberry blonde locks. "I'll be back in a flash."

"Take your time, Dommie," Billy murmured. "Honestly, Honey, it's not so serious."

"Then I should bring wine or whisky?" Dom tossed over his shoulder casually as he walked towards the door.

"Just you is enough, Honey," Billy whispered as he smiled shyly, lips pressed against Daisy-May's hair.

"I'll hold you to that." Dom mumbled, walking out of the room and quickly depositing their youngest daughter into her crib, stroking her back gently as she stirred when he released her. Walking back into the living room to collect their son, Dom paused in the doorway as Billy slipped out of the room, Daisy-May cradled tightly in his arms.

By the time Dom entered the nursery, Daisy-May was sleeping soundly in her little bed and Billy was nowhere to be seen. Quickly settling Lennox in his crib, Dom steeled himself with a deep breath and went in search of his lover.

Walking slowly through the dimly lit house, a baby monitor in his back pocket, Dom found Billy sitting on their back porch steps, his head tilted forward, elbows resting on his denim clad thighs, strong hands clenched tightly together. Dom stood at the screen door, his face pressed against the wire mesh, content just to watch his Billy.

"I know you're there, Honey," Billy murmured softly, not turning his head.

"Are you alright?" Dom asked quietly, stepping through the door and moving to sit beside Billy on the top step.
One small, strong hand stretched across the gap between them, and Billy's fingers trailed across Dom's palm, lacing themselves through Dom's fingers, clinging tightly. Dom's heart swelled at the contact. This was the first time since his return that Billy had initiated intimate touching without already being emotionally overwrought. Clasping Billy's hand, Dom's thumb trailed across Billy's knuckles, waiting as patiently as he could for Billy to speak.

"You deserve to know exactly what I did, Honey," Billy murmured, his chin pressed against his chest, eyes fixed on his bare toes.

"You don't need to tell me," Dom protested quickly.

"You should know, Dommie," Billy sighed. "You deserve to know what type of man I am. You deserve to know what I'm capable of."

Pulling his hand from Billy's, Dom rocked forward onto his knees and shuffled in front of Billy, pressing one hand under Billy's chin to tilt his face up to look into his eyes.

"I don't want you to feel you have to tell me anything, Bills," Dom explained. "I don't need you to tell me what you're capable of. I know. I've seen both sides of you, or have you forgotten? Remember the pot hunters and even Serkis on the day we met? I remember that Billy, but I will never forget the way you treated Nosy, the way you loved Daisy-May without reservation, or the way you kissed me without expectation when I asked you to. You have so much power and strength, but you have even more compassion and love."

"I murdered a man in cold blood, Dommie. I knew I was doing wrong, but I couldn't stop myself. I couldn't stop myself from pulling the trigger. I wanted him to suffer the way he made Craig suffer. I actually regretted not killing him slowly so I could prolong his pain." Billy's eyes glistened with emotion as he struggled to explain himself to his lover. "I can't guarantee that I won't lose it like that again. I can't trust myself to be around good people."

"Do you trust me?" Dom asked softly, his thumb tracing Billy's cheekbone as he spoke.

"I know what you're going to say, Dommie. I can't trust you to put aside your love and see the real me."

"I asked you a question, Bills," Dom stated.

"Of course I trust you. I trust you with my life. I trust you to raise our children into the beautiful people they will be, but I can't let myself trust you to protect yourself at any cost against me."
"I'm only going to say this once, Bills. I trust you. Implicitly. I know you. I'm starting to think I know you better than you know yourself. You would never hurt me, and you would never hurt the kids. I know you and I know that as certainly as I know that I love you."

"You have far too much faith in me," Billy growled, his voice thick with emotion.

"I know that you are a far better man than you think you are," Dom whispered, leaning forward to press his lips against Billy's.

"I know you deserve far better than I have to give you," Billy replied against Dom's mouth.

"We'll see," Dom murmured, his tongue flicking across Billy's bottom lip. "I think we should take it one step at a time."
"Step?" Billy repeated, his trembling hand lifting to brush through Dom's tousled blond hair.

"Steps." Dom nodded, smiling cheekily. "First step? We're going to christen the hot tub."

"Dommie?" Billy sighed against Dom's mouth. "Are you sure?"

"Me? Sure?" Dom breathed into Billy's mouth as he strung kisses across his lips. "You're damned lucky I didn't ravish you on the steps when you got home." He cupped Billy's face in both hands and kissed him gently before pulling back to speak huskily. "I think I've shown admirable restraint."

Long fingers trailed down Billy's throat and lower, slowly slipping the buttons of Billy's shirt open. Hands slid under the fabric and pushed the shirt down Billy's arms, fingertips tracing the warm skin
gently. Finally rising to his feet, Dom stood on the bottom step, his hands extended to Billy shyly.

"Your choice, Bills," Dom whispered. "I love you, I want you. I need you in my life forever."
Billy sat on the stairs, his heaving chest bare, shirt hanging by its tail from the back of his jeans, glistening green eyes watching his lover closely.

"Dommie, if we do this," Billy traced the neckline of Dom's tee-shirt slowly, his eyes following the path of his fingertips as he spoke. "I'm not sure I'm strong enough to walk away."

"You mean all I need to do," Dom murmured, leaning forward to trail his lips across Billy's face in slow wet kisses. "Is to love you, just the way I want to?"

"You really don't want me to stay, Honey." Billy shook his head sadly, his hands moving to the bottom of Dom's tee-shirt and drawing it up.

"At the moment, Bills, you could be Ted fucking Bundy and I wouldn't care. Just love me?" Dom whimpered.

" S'what I mean, Dom. You're not thinking objectively," Billy explained, his tongue finding Dom's nipples and licking them slowly.

"I am," Dom breathed. Pulling away from his lover, Dom unbuttoned his jeans, one tantalizing button at a time. Taking the monitor from his back pocket, Dom stood it on the porch step before pushing his jeans down his legs, kicked free of them and moved purposefully toward the spa, never breaking Billy’s gaze until he stepped naked into the bubbling water.

Standing in the bubbling water Dom waited for his lover. Billy walked slowly, his small hands clenched into tight fists in his pockets, his head downcast. Hesitantly climbing the steps, he stood at the edge of the tub, ashamed to absorb Dom’s loving acceptance but afraid to do what could only be best for Dom and walk away.

Watching Billy’s emotional struggles, Dom lifted both hands to rest on Billy’s hips, his thumbs tracing the pale skin beneath the loose denim.

“You’re playing with fire, Dom.” Billy whispered, tilting his face to look at Dom, his fingers stroking through the tousled blond hair at his nape. “I don’t want you to be burned.”

“Too late for that, Bills,” Dom whispered as he stood on the seating ledge and leaned in pressing his lips against Billy’s chest, kissing the skin over his heart softly. “I was burned the moment you first looked at me. The flames we make are special, Billy, please don’t sacrifice us all because you have me on a pedestal. I don’t fucking deserve to be on it.”

“I have to, Dommie,” Billy’s fingers laced through Dom’s hair, his chest shaking as he clung to his shredding control. “I know how broken you were when I first met you. I can’t hurt you the same way he did, I won’t break you like that. I can’t survive knowing I’ve done that to you”

Dom wrapped his wet arms around Billy’s waist and pressed himself along Billy’s legs, his lips stringing wet kisses across Billy’s skin. “You’re nothing like that asshole. You put me back together, Bills.” Dom sighed.

“I love you, Dom,” Billy whispered. “It would kill me to hurt you like that.”

“Can’t you see, you beautiful man, you’re hurting yourself, not me.” Dom pulled back and let his hands trail across Billy’s trembling belly.

“I’ll survive.” Billy answered flatly, his fingers slowly tracing up and down Dom’s spine.

“I won’t.” Dom murmured, looking up into Billy’s face, his smoky blue eyes liquid with unshed tears. “I want you, Bills.”

“I never could refuse you.” Billy sighed as Dom’s long fingers shakily unbuttoned his jeans.

“Good.” Dom grinned, his hands pushing Billy’s jeans and boxer shorts down his legs. “Kiss me.”

Billy kicked free of his jeans and stepped into the warm bubbling water, his trembling hands cupped Dom’s face. Kissing Dom tenderly, Billy pushed him to sit down before straddling his lap, his knees framing Dom’s hips under the water.

“Like that?” Billy rasped as he pulled away, one hnad slipping under the water to brush across Dom’s nipple.

“’sanice start.” Dom moaned, his fingers slipping around the back of Billy’s head, pulling him back to trace Billy’s lips with the tip of his tongue.

“Didn’t mean to hurt you, Dom.” Billy apologized, his lips trailing across Dom’s neck, dipping just below the water level to nip at Dom’s nipples.

“Don’t Bills.” Dom shook his head, barely able to concentrate as Billy’s hand closed around his erection and stroked slowly. “Not alone anymore.”

Billy lifted his hands to cup Dom’s face, kissing him wetly. “I love you.” Billy whispered before sliding down Dom’s body and under the water.

As he felt Billy’s mouth open around his arousal under the swirling water, Dom threw his head back wantonly, his hips arching up towards the tight, wet cavern of Billy’s mouth. One hand plunged under the water to cup the back of Billy’s head, pushing him down tighter against him for a moment of mind blowing, intense blissful suction that curled his toes and rolled his eyes back in his head, before both hands grabbed for Billy’s shoulders and pulled him back above the water.

“Fuck, Billy are you trying to kill me.” Dom sighed, pulling Billy against his body. Wrapping his legs around Billy’s hips, Dom rubbed himself urgently into Billy.

“Need you to know.” Billy murmured as he nibbled at Dom’s neck, his fingers trailing down Dom’s sides.

“That you love me?” Dom whispered, his fingers tangling in Billy’s short hair. “Already know. That we’re meant? I know that too.” Dom’s hand stilled on the back of Billy’s head as he slid down his body again and asked softly. “Where are you going?”

“I need to please you, Honey.” Billy replied, lifting one hand he cupped Dom’s face and kissed him slowly, then slid back under the water again.

A frown creasing his brow, Dom slid his hands under Billy’s arms and pulled him back above water level.
“Just having you here with me is almost more pleasure than I can bear, you silly git.” Standing in the water and pulling Billy against him, Dom wrapped his arms around Billy’s waist and kissed him tenderly.

“Jesus, Bills,” Dom sighed against Billy’s mouth. “As much as I’d love an underwater blowjob, I need you more. Need to see your face, feel you and hear you.”

“You deserve all I can give you.” Billy answered, pushing against Dom’s shoulders, trying to force him back onto the seat.

“Not this time, big boy.” Dom smiled against Billy’s forehead, pushing him backwards until he fell onto the seat, then moved to straddle him. Hands holding the edge of the tub either side of Billy’s shoulders, Dom’s knees framing Billy’s hips he writhed against his lover wantonly. His neck outstretched, his head tilted back, mouth open wide as he whimpered desperately, Dom’s hand dove under the water and his long fingers wrapped around their arousal’s and tugged urgently.

“Honey, I’m….” Billy’s words trailed off as Dom leaned down and closed his lips over the smooth skin of Billy’s neck.

“Never going to leave me again?” Dom whispered against his ear, tongue tracing the soft shell of flesh tenderly, as his hand closed over Billy’s and dragged it down to rest on the lush curve of his buttock.

“Honey?” Billy murmured, his hips thrusting up into the tight clasp of Dom’s fist. The friction of Dom’s fingers and the pressure of Dom’s arousal against his own was driving him wild with pleasure.

“I want you inside me, Bills. Deep. Hard. Fast.” Dom growled against Billy’s ear as he felt Billy’s finger brushing across his entrance. “Please?” his husky growl rising in pitch as the slender digit penetrated his body and he thrust down onto it wildly. “Just like that,” Dom sighed.

“I can’t do this and walk away,” Billy whimpered as he pressed a second finger into Dom’s body.

“Then let. Me. Help,” Dom moaned. Pushing Billy’s hand away, Dom shifted, positioning Billy against his entrance and sliding down onto him slowly. Closing his eyes at the slow burn of the deliberate intrusion, he settled against Billy’s body. Lacing his fingers in Billy’s he held their arms out to the side on the edge of the decking. “Decision made?”

“Was no decision,” Billy groaned, trembling with the need to thrust up into the tight clench of Dom’s body, his head resting against the decking, teeth pressed into his lip in his struggle to stay in control. “I could never leave.”

“Good,” Dom whispered into Billy’s ear and began to move, slowly rising and falling in long, hungry thrusts. “We’d follow you wherever you went,” Dom stated quietly. “Anywhere.”

Dom pressed their bodies together, his own burning arousal grinding between their bellies, gently abraded by the soft pelt of ginger hair on Billy’s belly, their nipples brushing against each other with each deep, undulating thrust.

“So good, Dommie,” Billy sighed. Lifting his head, his teeth found Dom’s ear lobe, and nibbled hungrily.
Pulling one of Billy’s arms between them, Dom wrapped their entwined hands around his arousal and began a punishing rhythm, stroking himself desperately. Taking his weight on his knees, his muscles screaming with the strain, Dom thrust wildly onto Billy’s body. His free hand found Billy’s face and stroked the stubbled skin tenderly. Leaning down, Dom caught Billy’s bottom lip in his teeth and tugged gently before moving forward to kiss the tormented skin wetly.

“Better than good,” Dom growled. His body slammed against Billy’s, neither noticing that the water sloshing around them splashed over the edge of the tub. Dom’s lips trailed across Billy’s neck and shoulder, stringing nipping kisses all over the tender skin. Releasing his hold on Billy’s hands, Dom captured his face in both of his hands, his thumbs tracing Billy’s cheekbones as he kissed him hungrily.

Finally able to touch Dom properly, Billy closed his hand around Dom’s arousal and stroked tightly, his thumb tracing the sensitive tip with every stroke, his other hand clasping Dom’s hip tightly, pulling him down toward his body as his hips slammed up into Dom. “So close, Honey,” Billy whimpered, pulling his mouth away from Dom’s.

Pressing his face against Billy’s ear, Dom let his tongue trace the soft shell as his body continued to slam down onto Billy. “Let go, wanna feel you,” Dom murmured. “Deep inside me, filling me. Come for me Bills.”

With every one of Dom’s words, Billy’s control unraveled. Both of his hands fell to Dom’s hips, pulling him down against him as he slammed up into Dom’s body. Trembling with the force of his arousal, Billy threw his head back, hitting it harshly against the boards of the decking as he found his release deep inside Dom’s body.

Feeling the pulsing of Billy’s release spilling inside him, and sensing him relaxing bonelessly underneath him, Dom wrapped his long fingers around his arousal and fisted it, fast and hard in a tight, almost punishing grip. His head fell against Billy’s shoulder, and he inhaled the scent of his husband deeply as he climaxed and collapsed against Billy’s body, his release floating away on the water around them.

One hand lifted to brush across the back of Billy’s skull, feeling for the knot caused by the cracking blow against the deck. Dom lethargically lifted his head to look into Billy’s face, searching for the answers his heart needed to hear.

“Are we good?” Dom asked softly, scarcely daring to breathe as he waited for Billy’s answer.

Billy swallowed convulsively, his eyes glistening as he watched Dom carefully, his brow furrowed into a tight frown. His eyes dropped closed and his head tilted in a barely noticeable nod. “I think we will be.”

Chapter 27

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YAY!!! Things are right in the world when there's hot monaboyd spa!sex going on.

They are aren't they.

Glad you enjoyed.


*leaves cushions on floor*

I take it that means you liked it?

yay for the persistence of love!

I guess we'll find out in the long term whether persistance will win out over stubborn, won't we?

Okay, that's it... I'm calling the contractor and insisting that padding be put around the edge of that deck! Can't be letting my Billy get hurt like that! *G*

Great to see this again... I was really going through withdrawal. Love them with the babies.

I think Dom might just be on hand to kiss any boo boos better.

They are adorable with the kids aren't they?

Glad you're still enjoying it, and thanks for handing in there for it.