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OrDaisy - Of Elves and Men
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Western Lovers: Cowboys & Biologists (28/34)

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Title: Western Lovers: Cowboys and Biologists <28/34>
Beta regularly by the patient and talented charlieisagirl
Pairing: OB/DW
Rating: NC-17 for the series, and for this chapter.
Summary: David is a hard, jaded warrior, Orlando is a biologist tracking Big Cats on the Double L.
Feedback: Feedback is my writers crack, which is not to be confused at all with plumbers crack.
Disclaimer: Not at all true in reality. These men whilst adorable and perfectly happy to slash themselves, their actual relationship is something that they only know. This story is adapted from a series of books that I adored when I was younger written by Elizabeth Lowell.
Word Count: 3378
Previous Story: Can be found here
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Posted to: fellowshippers, monaboyd and ordaisy
Header Art: Courtesy of the incredibly talented loki_girl.
Author’s Notes: Special thanks to dylan_dufresne. You get today’s chapter a few hours early because I’m going to be out for a while today and I might not be home in time to post.


Crossing his ankles, David leaned against the railing waiting for his lover. All was almost right and good with the world. Craig was home, he was nowhere near well yet, but he was home, Billy was, under Dom’s care, almost himself again and tonight the double L was going into town to let their hair down and celebrate. The next generation all had sitters, Craig’s nurse was staying overnight and Liv’s half brother Sean Bean was staying home just in case. Best part of the whole plan? His lover was coming to the dance with him. David blushed hotly and chuckled, he felt like a schoolboy.

Feeling almost like this was their first ‘date’ David had taken special care in his preparations. A special trip into town, under the guise of collecting mail, had seen his hair neatly cut and his beard trimmed. His newest black felt hat sat atop his head. A new rust colored western shirt purchased on the same trip, jeans that he’d washed and pressed and highly polished black boots completed his look. His fingers rested lightly on his shiny silver belt buckle, the smile on his face widening as the door in front of him opened.

Orlando smiled broadly as he stepped out of the room. Dressed in a deep blue shirt and black jeans, his deep brown curls tousled and finger combed, he twisted a borrowed white straw hat in his long fingers.

“Do I pass muster?” Orlando asked quietly.

David reached out to ruffle the curls at Orlando’s temple affectionately. Suddenly unable to resist, he pulled Orlando towards him. Pressing their lips together wetly, David’s mouth opened, his tongue tracing Orlando’s lush lips hungrily.

His body against David’s from knee to chest, Orlando moaned into David’s mouth, the hat dropping unnoticed to the floor as his hands moving to clasp David’s hips tightly.

“Does that answer your question?” David asked, his mouth sliding across Orlando’s face.

“Do we have to go?” Orlando whispered, his lips never lifted from David’s face as he spoke, his tongue flicking against David’s skin with each word.

“Yeah.” David answered slowly. Straightening, he released the younger man, putting temptation out of reach, his eyes focused on Orlando’s lips as he spoke. “We don’t get to socialize much, it’ll be fun.”

“If you say so.” Orlando smiled, pressing a teasing kiss against David’s lips.

“C’mon.” David bent down to lift Orlando’s hat and pushed it onto his tousled curls before he folded his hand through Orlando’s and pulled him along the verandah after him. “Before I change my mind.”

Almost bounding down the stairs behind David, Orlando reached up with his free hand and brushed his fingertips across the back of David’s neck. “I’ll take a raincheck, just until later.” At the foot of the stairs, Orlando pulled David into his arms and into the shadows of the stairwell, “If I’m a good boy, maybe we can find one of those pay by the hour motel rooms and amuse ourselves before we come home.” Pressing his lips against David’s, his tongue flicking across David’s teeth before pushing inside his mouth hungrily, his hands roaming all over David’s body.

David moaned as he pressed against Orlando, his own hands lifting to frame Orlando’s face, his thumbs tracing his lover’s cheekbones slowly. “Please Orli,” David whispered, pushing himself away from his lover. “We can’t do this now, or we’ll never leave.” David pulled back to look into Orlando’s eyes. “I want to take you dancing, is that so bad?”

Orlando looked at David for a long moment, a smile creasing his face, he lifted his hand to let his thumb trail across David’s bottom lip. “I love you my beautiful warrior.”

David closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath and opened his mouth to speak as Orlando pressed his fingers to David’s lips. “I know, not now and you don’t want to hear it. It’s okay, I know.”

“I’m sorry.” David murmured, pulling back slowly.

“No. You’re not, but its okay.” He leaned in to press a quick hard kiss to David’s lips. “I thought you promised me a dance.”

As David and Orlando walked out of the shadows and towards David’s pick up truck, Viggo called to them from his own vehicle. “I thought we were going to have to send out a search party for you two.”

“We were busy.” David shrugged non-commitally.

“Apparently.” Liv leaned out of the passenger side of the truck, a wide grin on her face. “I’d like to be that busy.”

“Liv….” Viggo warned, a laugh in his voice. “You two go on ahead, Billy’s just checking on Craig and then we’ll be along.”

David nodded, his hand on Orlando’s door as he climbed into the truck. Pushing the door closed, he moved around the front of the truck and climbed into the driver’s seat, waving quickly as he pulled out of the driveway.


Swaying together in the middle of the sawdust covered boards of the dance floor, Orlando leaned his head against David’s shoulder, his breath ghosting across David’s skin, his arms looped around David’s waist.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” He whispered into David’s ear.

“I’ve got you, I don’t need anything else.” David replied softly, tilting his head just enough to press a soft kiss to Orlando’s head.

Moving one hand, he slipped his hand into his jeans pocket and extracted a silver key on a flat tag bearing the name of the one hotel in Helm’s Deep. Lifting it high enough for David to see, Orlando tilted his head back enough to look into David’s blue eyes. “I don’t want to wait until we get home,” Orlando murmured, “I want you, David.”

“How am I supposed to refuse that?” David dipped his head to kiss Orlando gently.

“If I’m very lucky you can’t.” Orlando stuffed the key back into his pocket and looped his arms back around David’s waist, pulling him in tightly against his own body, teasingly rubbing his growing arousal against David. “Please?” he asked softly.

David lifted his head to glance around the crowded room, all of the local ranchers and their staff had turned out in force. Most of the Double L’s family was congregated on this side of the dance floor. The ranch hands pairing up with local single girls, Liv and Viggo, happily dancing plastered together like newlyweds. Dom and Billy danced only a few feet from them, pressed so close they appeared to be one body, their heads tilted together, each with one arm wrapped around the other, their other hands with their fingers laced and pressed against their chests. This was the first time since the twins were born that they had been separated from them and both men were taking advantage of the short break. Looking back at his lover, he lifted one hand to cup Orlando’s face gently, leaning in to press a soft kiss to his lips before he spoke. Deep down he knew that he wanted what his brother and his friends had, but too often he had seen what would happen if he let emotions rule good judgment. He wasn’t going to put himself through that for anyone. His fingers trailed gently across Orlando’s cheekbones, his eyes following the path of Orlando’s tongue as it nervously traced his lips.

“Let’s go,” David murmured. He broke away from Orlando, pulling him off the makeshift dance floor and towards the door.

Orlando followed David meekly, ignoring the raised eyebrows from David’s family and friends, blushing as his eyes met Dom’s. As they stepped outside the building, David stopped moving. Pausing behind him, Orlando let his long fingers trail down the centre seam of David’s jeans, allowing his hand to gently cup one taut buttock. Tilting his head slightly, Orlando let his tongue trail across the skin at the edge of David’s collar.

“I want you, David.” Orlando murmured as he pressed himself against David’s back, his teeth finding David’s earlobe as he spoke.

“Keep that up fairytale boy and we won’t get to the motel.” David turned his head to capture Orlando’s lips.

“I can’t help it.” Orlando whispered into David’s ear, his long fingers tracing David’s buttocks and thighs, letting his hand slip between David’s legs.

“Orli.” David breathed, his feet parting as he leaned back into Orlando’s touch.

Lifting both hands to David’s shoulders Orlando turned his lover to face him. Leaning back against the wall behind him, Orlando pulled David down to him, their mouths meeting hungrily in a wet open mouthed kiss. One hand moved to tangle in David’s hair as he pulled him closer, the other slid down David’s torso, toying briefly with his belt buckle before slipping lower to cup David’s arousal and caressing him.

“Orli,” David growled against Orlando’s lips. “Start here and it will finish here.”

“Can’t have that now, can we.” Orlando grinned, his fingers closing around the impressive ridge and stroking firmly.

“I mean it.” David groaned, burrowing his face into Orlando’s shoulder, his knees trembling as he slumped against his lover.
“Would that be so bad?” Orlando trailed his tongue around the shell of David’s ear.

“To go off in my pants like a teenager?” David moaned, turning his head to give Orlando’s tongue better access. “Damned embarrassing.” David breathed, his hips pushing into Orlando’s stroking hand.

“Nothing to be embarrassed about.” Orlando’s teeth found David’s earlobe and nipped it gently. “Just means I turn you on.” His hips rocked against David slowly, his own arousal insistent behind thick denim.

“As if there was any question.” David whimpered as Orlando’s fingers tightened and stroked him faster. “Orli, stop please.” David caught Orlando’s face in his hands and pressed their foreheads together. “Please. I want to feel your skin on mine.”

Pulling himself away from David, his lips kiss swollen and his eyes heavy lidded with passion. Lacing his fingers through David’s, he pulled him along the verandah towards the small motel that serviced the town. Struggling briefly with the key in trembling fingers, David’s free hand stroking Orlando’s back and buttocks as he watched the fumbling struggle with the door.

As the door swung inwards, David pushed Orlando through the opening, pushing it closed behind them, his fingers tracing Orlando’s face, David walked him backwards until the bed pressed against the back of his long legs and they fell onto the firm mattress together.

“Eager are we?” Orlando asked as his fingers carded through David’s hair, pulling him down to meet his lips in an open mouthed kiss. His legs fell open, David nestling into the gap between Orlando’s wantonly spread legs.

“Someone wouldn’t behave himself.” David murmured, his tongue trailing across Orlando’s lip punctuating his words. His hips thrusting against Orlando, the friction of the heavy denim that covered both of them brought a moan to his lips.

“behave is it?” Orlando chuckled wrapping his legs around David’s hips and rocking his hips up into David’s thrusts, his fingers trailing across David’s back, touching him hungrily through the fabric of his shirt. “I’m expected to not tear your clothes off of you when you wear new, sexy clothes? Or maybe I wasn’t supposed to notice that you had your hair cut and your beard trimmed and you’re so incredibly hot that I can barely take my eyes let alone my hands off you?” Orlando murmured, his lips pressing against David’s face in hot, wet kisses as he punctuated his words. “Or that you were hands down the sexiest man in that bar. I’ve been hard since the moment I opened that door tonight.” Orlando licked a long, slow trail up the side of David’s face. “I’m hungry for you,” he whispered, “I don’t think I can behave.”

David rested his weight on his elbows and smiled into Orlando’s face, as his fingers framed his head. “Maybe I don’t want you to behave.”

Orlando looked searchingly into David’s ice blue eyes before he spoke, “Good to know.”

“Why would that be?” David asked softly, his eyes sparkling as he let his fingers curl in Orlando’s hair, his hips undulating roughly against Orlando’s.

Without speaking Orlando pushed against David, flipping him smoothly onto his back, rising above him to straddle him, his knees framing David’s hips. Leaning forward, with trembling fingers, Orlando unbuttoned David’s shirt with painful deliberation. David’s hands slid up and down Orlando’s thighs, his hips thrusting up towards Orlando’s desperate for friction against his aching arousal.

As David’s shirt fell open, Orlando’s fingers traced across the skin exposed, pulling gently at the swirls of ginger chest hair that was revealed, leaning down to lathe at David’s newly exposed nipple with his wet tongue. “You taste good.” Orlando whispered.

“Didn’t we talk about starting and finishing?” David moaned, his hips arching up desperately.

“What happened to that iron self control you were so proud of?” Orlando asked, his fingers lingering on the button at the waistband of David’s jeans, his thumbs deliberately rubbing across the ridge of David’s arousal.

“You.” David growled, pressing up into Orlando’s touch.

“Then we’re even then.” Orlando murmured as he trailed his mouth wetly across David’s chest and belly, his fingers quickly unbuttoning David’s jeans. “Because I’ve never felt like this before.”

Dipping his tongue repeatedly into David’s navel, his fingers closed around David’s freed erection and stroked slowly. His thumb brushed across the tip with every slow, twisting stroke.

“I’m serious, Orli.” David groaned from between gritted teeth, as he struggled not to thrust into Orlando’s grip.

“So am I,” Orlando breathed, looking up at David from under his lashes, as he kissed the tip of David’s arousal. His lips bending into a grin as David’s breath left him in a tortured moan; Orlando opened his mouth and took David into his mouth.

Unable to stop himself, David’s hand’s reached for Orlando’s head, his fingers twisting in the curls as he struggled to reign in his control. Orlando’s fingers pushed frantically at the stiff denim that still sat against David’s hips, dragging it down, pushing the open vee of fabric lower. As David struggled against the blinding white hot wave of arousal that burned through his body, his fingers gentled in Orlando’s hair, the soft brown curls twisting around his fingers haphazardly, the soft, satin locks as inexplicably arousing to him as Orlando’s touch.

David’s jeans pushed only as low as his thighs, Orlando pressed against David’s leg with one hand, his fingers bruising David’s pale skin with their biting pressure. The other caressed below his lover’s thick arousal, calloused fingers brushing relentlessly across David’s scrotum and lower, fingertips brushing across the sensitive skin even lower.

Swirling his tongue across David's arousal, Orlando lifted his head to look into David's face. One hand lifted to slowly stroke David's face, his other hand relentlessly stroking.

"Do you know how incredibly hot you are?" Orlando whispered.

"Please, Orli?" David whimpered, "Please, don't stop."

"Oh, I have no intention of stopping." Orlando smiled, his thumb flicking slowly across the tip of David's arousal, sliding through the slick fluid.

David's hands grabbed desperately at Orlando, trembling fingers hungrily raking across Orlando's shirt frantic to feel his lovers skin.

Closing his hands around David's, Orlando smiled as he dipped his head, and sticking out his agile tongue, began to lick at the swollen glans, teasing and sucking until David's whole body shook and trembled with the strength of his desire.

His head dipped and dived, his eager tongue teasing and stroking until David's penis gleamed with his saliva. David was too big for Orlando to take all of him into his mouth, but he slid his velvety mouth and lips over as much as he could, and then he gripped the base of David's erection with his hand, toying also with the full, velvety sac of his scrotum.

David's strong thighs, still clothed, were clenched rigid by the strength of his arousal. Orlando's head dipped furiously over his throbbing arousal, faster and faster; until at last, judging his moment perfectly, Orlando pulled his head away and took David's full, heavy testicles in his soft mouth, swirling his tongue across their hair roughened skin as David's arousal began to helplessly spasm. Instantly closing his hand around the base of David's arousal, Orlando looked up at his lover, his breath heaving in his chest as he struggled to focus on David's face.

"Please, Orli, please God, don't stop, Please." David begged, his head tossing against the mattress, his hips arching up desperate for the continued friction.

Orlando lowered his head, his tongue pressing lower still, brushing wetly across the sensitive skin behind David's scrotum, as Orlando's hand slid along David's throbbing arousal, tight twisting strokes that set a punishing pace on his lover's flesh.

David's head jerked back, blindly despairing for release as his control crumbled and his orgasm flooded through him. Slippery fluids began to spurt across Orlando's fingers. Lifting his head quickly, his fingers still stroked David hungrily, his mouth closed tightly over the tip of David's arousal and sucking relentlessly, hungrily. As David’s flesh began to soften against Orlando’s tongue, Orlando tenderly released him, the desperate suction of his lips replaced by long, slow tender strokes of his tongue, gently cleaning sticky fluids from his flesh.

His breathing harsh enough to have run a marathon, Orlando slid up David’s body. Fitting himself along David’s supine body, Orlando pressed his open mouth against David’s, his body pressed along his side, his own denim covered arousal grinding frantically against David’s hip. Every stuttering undulation of his hips filled with his desperation to release the tension that was raging through his body.

David’s hands stroked Orlando’s back gently as he struggled to even breath normally again. Turning his head, he brushed his lips across Orlando’s tousled curls.

“I think you broke me.” David whispered.

“Hope not.” Orlando moaned, his lips fastened on David’s collarbone. “Got plans for you.” Orlando’s tongue trailed across the exposed skin at David’s neck, as he struggled one handed to unfasten the buttons of his shirt.

“Where did you learn to do that?” David whispered, his hand cupping Orlando’s face and turning it up to look into his eyes.

“I read.” Orlando growled as he ground his hips against David’s body, his mouth sliding across David’s wetly.

“Always said education was important.” David grinned as he rolled Orlando onto his back, his hand trailing down Orlando’s body, the heel of his hand grinding against Orlando’s arousal.

“Not as important as you.” Orlando moaned wantonly, his head thrown back exposing his throat to David’s mouth, his hips arching up into the pressure of David’s hand. “Please, David.”

“I’m not important.” David whispered against Orlando’s lips, his fingers trailing up Orlando’s chest to flick his fingernail

“You are and I want to please you.” Orlando moaned, his head thrown back giving David better access.

“You always do.” David took the invitation and licked Orlando’s throat from the open buttons of his shirt to the tip of his chin.

“Fuck!” Orlando whimpered, his entire body strung taut, arching up into whatever touch David was granting him. “Touch me, David, please touch me.”

“I’m not going to Fairy Tale Boy.” David murmured against Orlando’s throat, his hand moving relentlessly over Orlando’s denim clad arousal.

“What?” Orlando wailed, his hips pushing up into David’s hand desperately.

“You weren’t the only one who left home with plans.” David explained, his fingers tracing Orlando’s length through the denim.

“Please, David.” Orlando begged.

“Anticipation.” David grinned as he leaned in for a long wet kiss. Pulling himself to his feet, David rearranged his jeans and fastened them slowly. Straddling Orlando’s hips, David ground himself against them, before dragging his shirt off the end of the bed and slipping his arms into it. Standing, he extended a hand to his lover.

“Please? I swear it won’t take me long, David. I’m so close.” Orlando whimpered wantonly, begging for release.

“Nope. I want one last dance, Orlando, indulge me?” David smiled, taking Orlando's hands in his, he pulled his lover to his feet. Wrapping his arms around him, David kissed him wetly, his hands gently caressing his taut back. As the kiss ended, David rested his forehead against Orlando's, he untucked Orlando’s shirt and let the ends flutter down to shield his arousal from inquisitive eyes. Cupping Orlando’s flushed face in his hands, thumbs caressing his cheekbones tenderly. “Think you can wait, Orli?”

“It’s a damn good thing I love you.” Orlando grumbled as he let himself be led from the room.

Chapter 29


Aw. This made me happy. And a little sweaty, lol.

Sweaty huh?

Glad it made you happy.

David! You're so mean!!!! As Orlando says, good damn thing he loves you. *G*

He's not mean, he just had plans for their night and doesn't want to spoil them.

Wow that was hot and sweet all at the same time. <333

They are kinda hot together aren't they?

hubba hubba!

“Start here and it will finish here.”

that just sounds all sorts of yummy. I loved the description of Dom and Billy dancing closerthenthis. yay, they're on the mend. I thought Orli's playfulness was really cute when he teased David about his self control.

You might just get to see a little glimpse of more dancing soon.

When Orli is feeling secure he is all sorts of playful isn't he?

ok... so i'm caught up. now i need you to post more because that ended OMG hot and i am eager to see what happens next.

You're just hooked on the hot aren't you?

Glad you're caught up, you're working too hard.

Nice segment - I'm really enjoying this series and how their relationship is evolving and am really looking forward to the next installment!

Pulling himself away from David, his lips kiss swollen and his eyes heavy lidded with passion.

struggled to reign in his control

Good story so far, enjoying it muchly. :)

Thought I should draw your attention to the above phrases. The first one needs a subject, as well as a hyphen between kiss and swollen, and another hyphen between heavy and lidded.

In the second phrase, "reign" should be "rein".

There are a number of other places that need hyphens and/or commas.

I'm kind of a grammar nazi. Feel free to pummel me if you like. *dons riot gear*

Hey, girl - are you doing okay? We haven't heard much from you lately; hope all is well.

*eyeballs your current default link*

Uh-oh... have you gone all religious on us and sworn off slash?!?!?! EEEEK!

I know I've been a bad girl. And I've been less than a good writer to you wonderful people that are waiting for the end of WL.

Most of you know I recently lost a close friend and her baby. I've been in a bit of a funk and spending some time with her family, sadly I've had less than zero inclination to spend time away from them and on line, so I've barely been here. I know I've worried some of you, by just up and disappearing, for that I'm sorry. Add to that the fact that I forgot to pack the power cord for my laptop and the remainder of WL is currently held hostage inside my current flat laptop until I can get power for it.

I'm sorry I've been a flake and disappeared, but I promise I'll be back soon. I thought I'd be back by this week but I decided to stay another week.

*is this one better? The other one is a cathedral in Glasgow.*

I had no idea; that's so sad. I'm glad you're spending time with her family. I was thinking you might be ill or just working too hard. Take care of yourself - and them. My condolences...

Hey, maybe I've missed something since I haven't had a chance to read my flist properly lately, but everything alright? You haven't posted the rest of this elsewhere and I've failed to see it, right? Cos that would be bad. *eyeballs internet*

I love this story to pieces. I just went back and reread all of WL and I can't wait for the next chapter.